St John Beach Guide

St. John Beach Guide

Welcome to St. John in the beautiful United States Virgin Islands

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More About St. John, US Virgin Islands (USVI)

Eight reasons why St. John US Virgin Islands beaches are the best beaches in the world:

St. John beaches, of course, are located on Saint John in the US Virgin Islands; need I say more!

The water is crystal-clear, warm and inviting all year round.

3- Sand
We’re talking about the fines, soft and sensual coral sand brought ashore from the outlying reefs. Sand grains that are smaller and thus softer and finer than the terrestrial sand found on most other beaches in the world, that comes from the weathering of rocks.

The other important thing to remember about the sand on most St. John beaches is that it extends into the sea so that wading out into the water is a pleasant sensuous experience as opposed to walking over coral, rocks or slimy seaweed.

4- The Coral Reef
St. John’s beaches support nearby coral reefs for excellent snorkeling.

5-The View
You can enjoy a panorama of islands, rocks and cays, a view that is better than a view limited to the sea and the horizon beyond found at most other beaches in the world.

Most St. John beaches are found within small indented bays, with green headlands on either side, and back dropped by shade-producing coconut palms and other tropical vegetation, contrasting favorably with beaches lying on a long straight coastline set against low-lying commercially-developed or uninteresting backgrounds.

Moreover, the headlands protect the bays and beaches, which helps to keep the seas within calm and inviting.

7- Lots of beaches to choose from
On St. John, there are not just one or two beaches, but rather one after another around each headland.

8-The Virgin Islands National Park
More than half of St. John is protected by the Virgin Islands National Park, meaning protection from commercial development.

St. John Beach GuideThe St. John Beach Guide is both a guide to St. John’s beautiful beaches as well as a coffee table book that you can take with you to share with friends and family. Within the pages interspersed with the stunning photographs by award winning photographers. Steve Simonsen and Don Hebert as well as those by Dean Hulse and Gerald Singer, you will find directions, beach descriptions, available facilities, insider information, snorkeling tips, beach ecology and most important of all, which beach to go to and why.

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