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St. John Beach Guide

The St. John Beach Guide

The well-traveled philanthropist, conservation advocate, and founder of the Virgin Islands National Park, Laurance Rockefeller, in an address to the Senate Subcommittee on Territories and Insular Affairs declared that St. John Virgin Islands had "the most superb beaches and views" and was "the most beautiful island in the Caribbean."

Moreover, prestigious travel magazines such as National Geographic, Caribbean Travel and Life, and Islands have all at one time or another declared the beaches of St. John USVI to be among the best in the world. This view is shared by beach connoisseurs and travel professionals the world over.

I would go one step further. I would say that, without a doubt, St. John US Virgin Islands beaches ARE the best beaches in the world.

Saint John, United States Virgin Islands
Spend a day trying to decide the "most beachable" of the island's half-dozen north coast dazzlers. You may favor Hawksnest, or, more specifically, neighboring and less-crowded Gibney Beach, sometimes called Little Hawksnest…two close runners-up? Trunk Bay and the more secluded Francis Beach, which is tucked away in the far corner of Maho Bay. Add it up and this stretch of St. John offers the best string of beaches in the Caribbean- D.H. (Islands October 1991)


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