Virgin Islands

Kiddel Bay

Kiddel Bay

Looking for a real “Off the Beaten Track Beach?”

Frustrated when trying to find parking at a North Shore National Park beach?

Are the waves breaking on the north making for difficult swimming or snorkeling?

If you don’t mind sacrificing a sand beach for a cobblestone and coral rubble beach, an ideal alternative might be Kiddel Bay on the South Shore located just west of salt Pond Bay.

Kiddle Bay

Park under the two huge Tamarind Trees and its just steps to the beach.

Kiddle Bay

There are no facilities, but you can string up a hammock, bring a picnic and enjoy the fine snorkeling in the bay.

Kiddle Bay Hammock

If you snorkel out to on the western shore of Kiddel Bay, you will come to a reef which extends out off the point. A series of rocks rises above the surface.

Arches at Kiddle Bay

This area is extremely interesting. There are deep depressions, grooves and arches and tunnels full of colorful corals, and sponges where you will invariably see a vast array of tropical reef fishes. The arches and tunnels are about 15 – 20 feet deep and are usually full of small fish. It’s a great challenge for free divers who can swim through one or a series of tunnels depending on their skill.

For less skilled snorkelers the rock lined coasts on both sides of the bay still offer plenty to see and to enjoy.

Rock Scrambling:
Rock scramblers can walk out to the point on the west coast from where there are spectacular views of the bay, the reef and the rocky cliffs of the southern coast.

Kiddle Bay

The Salt Pond:
There’s a beautiful salt pond just behind the beach that’s easy to explore. Great for birdwatchers; especially in the early morning. Look for Pintail ducks in the winter.

Salt Pond at Kiddle Bay

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