Lind Point Rock Scramble (St. John Virgin Islands)
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Lind Point St. John, USVI

The Lind Point Rock Scramble takes you from downtown Cruz Bay to Salomon Bay Beach by way of the rocky coast. The distance covered is a little less than one mile.

The natural pathways found on St. John, an island of thick forest and tangled undergrowth, generally follow the ridges of mountains, natural drainage guts, or shorelines. Most of the trails made by Amerindian and early European settlers, and even the modern roads found on St. John today, follow these natural paths.

The shoreline between Cruz Bay and Salomon Bay is typical of many coastal sections of St. John. Those interested in experiencing this environment will have to make their way through a section of mangroves and then climb up and down the rocks that line the coast.

This adventure should only be attempted by two or more athletic individuals who have experience in rock scrambling. It is extremely important that you proceed with the utmost caution and are aware and attentive at all times.

A good place to begin this walk is at the old seaplane ramp in Cruz Bay.

Lind Point St. John, USVI

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There is no defined trail. Begin by finding your way through the tangle of mangroves that extend for about 50 yards along the shore. This may be the most difficult portion of the walk. Remember that wet rocks may be slippery.

Once through the mangroves you will be negotiating rocky shoreline interspersed with sections of beach.

Heading west along the coast of Cruz Bay Harbor, you can observe the barges, ferries, sailing yachts and small motor boats entering and exiting the bay.

At the mouth of the harbor the rocks get taller, and the scramble gets more dramatic.

Lind Point St. John, USVI

Right after the coastline begins to turn north, you will come to a cobblestone beach at Lind Point. An old, now unused, underwater telephone cable comes ashore here.

The coastline between Lind Point and Salomon Bay is undeveloped and pristine. Take some time to observe the coastal marine life that has developed with only minimal impact from the activities of human beings.

Lind Point St. John, USVI

East of Lind Point you will come to a small coral rubble beach. There are three types of beaches on St. John, white coral sand, cobblestone and coral rubble. It is interesting to note that all three can be found along this short stretch of coastline. Immediately after the tiny coral rubble beach, you will come to a larger cobblestone beach.

Lind Point Scramble, St. John Virgin Islands

Continue the scramble until you get to the sand beach at Salomon Bay. For those so inclined, this is an excellent opportunity to reward yourself with a refreshing swim.

Lind Point Scramble St. John USVI

You can return to Cruz Bay the way you came or via the Lind Point Trail.

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